Kaizen at Home – 90 Days to Success | Mike Morrill | TEDxUtica

Kaizen and Lean go hand-in-hand. Lean aims to reduce wastes while improving quality and Kaizen is the strategy of continually making improvements around the workplace. All of these small improvements will add up to more noticeable changes and ultimately affect the bottom line.

In this Tedx Talk, Mike Morrill explains how Kaizen has impacted his life. Morrill’s introduction to Lean was through the teachings of Paul Akers, a self-described “Lean maniac.” He was struck by Kaizen and the principles behind Lean. Morrill then takes the values and strategies of Kaizen and Lean and implemented them with his team at work. His team found success and Morrill was excited to see all the improvements that were being made. Watch the video to learn how he was able to share the Kaizen methodology with his family and the positive effect it had on his personal life.

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