Creating 5S/6S Labels & Signs with LabelSuite™

Keeping a Lean and efficient workplace is often dependent on the facility’s organization system. The 5S/6S methodology uses visual tools to keep everything running smoothly. With the intuitive LabelSuite™ software, you can create custom 5S/6S labels in just a few minutes. Get the perfect label every time for any spot in the workplace! Whether you’re labeling

Learn What 5S is & How it Applies to Any Industry

A strategy often used in Lean is 5S. 5S is an organizational framework that relies on visual management and offers steps to organize spaces, eliminate wastes, and increase efficiency. The methodology of 5S is comprised of the following five steps: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. Putting time and effort to each step

Tool Outline Vinyl – Easy, Customized Shadow Boards!

Need help organizing the tools in your facility? Vinyl shadow board tape might be your answer! This vinyl is customizable and can be used on work benches, in tool chests, or on a pegboard. Simply cut out the shapes of your tools on the vinyl and apply to the desired surface in an organized and

5S Adhesive Red Tags – Tag Items without Tie-off Points

 5S is an important organizational strategy commonly used in Lean workplaces. Red tags are an essential yet simple tool in 5S, used during the sorting phase. Red tags allow employees to tag items whose use in the space has yet to be determined. The sorting step recommends purging the workspace of unnecessary materials and