Deming PDCA Cycle

Changing processes can seem a little scary, but the PDCA makes it simple. The PDCA cycle promotes efficiency in the workplace and provides a framework for implementing changes or solving problems through the following four steps: Plan > Do > Check > Act. The origins of this cycle come from a Lean pioneer Dr. W.

How to do Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping is a Lean activity focused on identifying areas of improvement in processes. A value stream map is a hand-drawn diagram of a workplace that shows the flow of materials moving through different areas. The map should have more information on it including how long tasks take and how often orders for materials

Learn How Kanban Systems are Used in a Lean Manufacturing Environment

  A popular tool used in Lean businesses is a tool called Kanban, a Japanese word meaning sign. It is used in the just-in-time system of production as a means of regulation. In terms of manufacturing, a Kanban system usually uses a bin and card system that triggers a certain action. For instance, the production

What is Six Sigma?

 Six Sigma is quality-management strategy often used in Lean manufacturing. It focuses on quality control and its principles have been established from several Lean methods. The main waste Six Sigma works to eliminate are defects. Defects in processes or the product will ultimately cost the business time and resources. A prime example of Lean’s

Gemba is a Powerful Piece of a Lean Toolbox

Have you taken a Gemba walk around your facility before? Gemba is a Japanese term meaning “the real place” and is an important tool for any Lean workplace. A Gemba walk is a scheduled walk that company leaders take around the facility to see processes up close and talk with frontline workers. Managers and supervisors

Learn What 5S is & How it Applies to Any Industry

A strategy often used in Lean is 5S. 5S is an organizational framework that relies on visual management and offers steps to organize spaces, eliminate wastes, and increase efficiency. The methodology of 5S is comprised of the following five steps: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. Putting time and effort to each step